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Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 21st of October 2022

Terms and conditions of the agreement between “Let Me Out sp. z o.o.” (the “Company”, „Let Me Out”, “we”, “us”, “our”) registered as NIP 899-274-73-14, REGON 022263171, located in Wrocław: Let Me Out sp. z o.o., ul. Ryszarda Wagnera 12, lok. 1 52-129 Wrocław and the person using our services (the “Player”).


1.1 These Terms and Conditions define the rules for Players who wish to place a reservation on hereby Website.

1.2 The Player is obligated to read the contents of the Terms prior to placing a reservation for an escape room and to notify other Players in their team (other participants of the game) about them.

1.3 The Player is obligated to use the Website and place reservations in accordance to hereby Terms and applicable law.


2.1 A reservation can be placed using the Websites in the letmeout.pl domain and subdomains.

2.2 A reservation can be placed in the “BOOKING” tab, which is a subpage of the Website. Placing a reservation can be done by following these steps in the consequent subpages of the Website:

A. selecting the location at which the reservation is to be placed
B. selecting the room for which the reservation is to be placed
C. selecting the date and time for the reservation
D. providing required personal information about the Players (first name, last name, e-mail address, phone number)
E. selecting the payment method
F. accepting the Terms and Conditions
G. confirming the reservation by clicking „Continue”

2 .3 After placing the reservation, the Player will receive a confirmation to their e-mail address provided in the reservation form.
The confirmation will be sent within 5 minutes after receiving the reservation. The confirmation contains:

A. the location
B. the name of the room
C. the date of the reservation
D. the hour of the reservation
E. the confirmation link for the reservation

A reservation that is not confirmed by clicking on the link within 15 minutes of receiving the confirmation e-mail is automatically removed.

2.4 The reservation placed by the Player can be cancelled via a phone call, e-mail message or in person. Money for the reservation will only be refunded if it is cancelled no less than 24 hours prior to the game. Otherwise, the Players are to pay for their game even if they are unable to participate in it.


3.1 Paying for the reservation is possible in person at the location of the reservation or online, via the Website with the help of the Stripe payment system.

3.2 If the Player wants to use a voucher or another coupon, which entitles them to a free game (e.g. a MyBenefit coupon), they should select the “VOUCHER” payment option while placing the reservation online and input the coupon code in the “NOTES” field of the reservation form.

3.3 Pricing shown on the Website uses gross prices, including the VAT (value-added tax) calculated in accordance to the law.


4.1 The Player can purchase a gift Voucher.

4.2 The Voucher can be used for one free game in any of the rooms at “Let Me Out”.

4.3 There is no possibility to extend the expiration date of a Voucher.


5.1 The minimum age for the Players is 12.

5.2 Using „Let Me Out” services under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotic substances is strictly forbidden.

5.3 To use „Let Me Out” services, the team is to appear at the location 15 minutes prior to the hour of the reservation. Players who arrive late will not be able to participate in the game.

5.4 One game lasts 60 minutes. There is no possibility of extending this time.

5.5 The Player who placed the reservation is obligated to inform other Players in their team about the rules.

5.6 Playing the game is not advised if any of the Players suffer from claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces), epilepsy, seizures, or are currently undergoing treatment for mental illness.

5.7 The Players are responsible for the equipment inside the rooms for the duration of the game.

5.8 Rules of the game can be subject to change without prior notice.


6.1 Personal data provided by the Player is gathered and processed by “Let Me Out” in accordance to the law.

6.2 The Player has the right to withdraw their consent for data processing at any time, effective in the future, by sending their withdrawal to the e-mail address: biuro@letmeout.pl, or via a letter to: Let Me Out sp. z o.o., ul. Ryszarda Wagnera 12, lok. 1 52-129 Wrocław.

6.3 The Player gives consent for their personal data to be processed in accordance to the law during the reservation process. Personal data is processed in order to provide the expected service and to allow the Player to contact Let Me Out staff.


7.1. Placing a reservation with the use of the LockMe service (www.lockme.pl) is regulated by the Terms and Conditions of LockMe.

7.2. Receiving a refund for a cancelled game, reserved through the use of LockMe, is possible only if the game is cancelled no later than 48 hours prior to the date and time of the game.

Let Me Out sp. z o.o.
NIP: 899-274-73-14
REGON: 022263171
Numer KRS: 0000586695