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Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes got himself in deep trouble, he was most likely abducted by Her Majesty's enemies. No more than two days ago, the priceless royal scepter and crown were stolen from Her Majesty's treasury. Holmes suspicion fell on the close associates of Her Majesty, traitors who are quite dangerous and ruthless. Sensing oncoming threat, he hid the incriminating evidence in his office, which he intended to show to the Her Majesty as quickly as possible. You only have an hour. Before midnight comes past you ought to find the pieces of evidence hidden by Sherlock. Hurry up, for those who betrayed Her Majesty are already on their way!

Difficulty level:


An enchanted world wants to outsmart you. You might think that it is so magical and idyllic. Maybe it is but what is the clue? Touch, fell and hear it. All your senses are forced to work. Only the Cat and Alice know where the key is hidden.

Difficulty level:

Death Penalty

You won't get away so easily this time around... the Holy Inqusition has found you! Was it really worth it blabbing on about pointless philosophies and heresies for so long? You can feel quite special, they called for the Master of Death to come just for you, and he won’t let you pass from this world too quickly. I’ve heard that you were smart enough to bribe a watchman. Well, he must've felt bad for you - he's hidden the keys to your cell somewhere close. You have to find them and run away, unless you're willing to let your flesh have a little chat with red hot iron. If you fail, I'd hate to be you...

Difficulty level:

Psychiatric Hospital

Have you ever wondered what it's like to see things that others don't see? To hear voices that others can't hear? You're the patients of a psychiatric ward and your future is in your hands! Are you here to stay, or will you get away successfully? Don't let your chance go to waste! Be quick, the doctor will be right back!

Difficulty level:

Correctional Facility

A prison cell, a perspective of the long-term sentence and the lack of hope for any parole, despite the unjust judgment. Someone framed you. Now you have no choice - you have to do everything to save your life! For several months you have been working on a plan to escape... The prison guard is right next door, you hear his steps, the characteristic sound of his coughing and the jingle of his keys. You have the last chance to get away tonight and try to clear yourself of charges outside the walls!

Difficulty level:

Mystery Book of the Forest

This Forest hides many puzzles, magic and secrets. Many travelers have lost their way here. The legend says that if you do not leave the forest territory before midnight, you will become part of it forever. Hurry up, until midnight you have only one hour left, find the Mystical Book and she will show you the way.

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Lublin Wroclaw Zakopane

Escape rooms in Wroclaw — feel the thrill

Do you live in Wroclaw or nearby? Or maybe you're planning to visit capitol of Lower Silesia and you're looking for unforgettable moments which this city offers? Old architecture, magical Old Town, mysterious Ostrów Tumski, and evening in escape room in Wroclaw! How will you finish your day? Will you make it to solve all the riddles and find a key?

Let Me Out for Companies

Plan Memorable Team-Building Events at Let Me Out Escape Room in Wroclaw

Are you in search of an original idea for a corporate event in Wroclaw? Welcome to Let Me Out Escape Room, where entertainment, teamwork, and puzzle-solving come together! Our range of team-building events is the perfect way to strengthen team bonds and provide your employees with unforgettable moments.

Why Choose Corporate Integration at Let Me Out:

  • 6 game rooms in one location
  • The possibility of simultaneous play for up to 30 participants per hour
  • All rooms have the same playtime and are located in one spot
  • Located in the heart of Wroclaw, near the Panorama Raclawicka and Galeria Dominikanska
  • Movie-like scenery and electronic puzzles
  • Games and puzzle Games and assistance available in Polish or English

If you're looking for a unique and engaging team-building event for your company in Wroclaw, Let Me Out Escape Room is the perfect choice. Contact us today to schedule a date and customize our offer to meet your needs. Let your company embark on an unforgettable adventure that will strengthen team bonds!

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